Phone & Tablet
Gaming Console
  • Action you can feel.
    Connect a gaming console and feel the chair vibrate with your gameplay.

  • Endless streaming.
    Charge devices with USB for all your nonstop marathons.

  • Immersive stereo sound.
    Integrated speakers provide powerful sound for music and movies.


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    Pairing Flexsteel FLX Chair with a Bluetooth Capable Device

    Using Bluetooth® Connection

    Pairing Flexsteel FLX Chair with non-Bluetooth Capable Device

    Using Bluetooth® Transmitter

    Pair 2nd FLX Chair to Handheld Device or Smart TV/Audio Receiver

    Using Bluetooth® Connection

    Pair Multiple FLX Chairs

    Using Auxiliary Cables


    1. Check power all connection. Look for green indicator light on transformer box at power supply source.

    2. POWER: ON - Press power button on control panel (RED power indicator light will illuminate).

    3. MODE: Check MODE setting to ensure it matches the appropriate setting for the desired result Blue = Bluetooth/Pink = Auxiliary mode/White = SD

    If something is not working properly, make sure all devices are receiving power.

    1. Check volume level (turn up as necessary).

    2. Check the device to which you are pairing (TV, gaming console, mobile device, etc.) to ensure power is on and volume is turned up and/or mute is not engaged.

    3. Check sound function using separate headphones through headphone port on control panel. If this works properly, follow connection instructions for desired action. If headphones do not work, perform a HARD RESET by unplugging the chair, waiting 30 seconds, and starting over.

    4. Follow connection instructions for desired action.

    1. Press and hold MODE button for 15 seconds to sever Bluetooth connection, release, and allow device to reconnect.

    2. If your device does not automatically reconnect, follow connection instructions for desired action.

    1. Minimize VOLUME and BASS, then maximize bass knob to validate functionality. Bass vibration intensity is control by the originating media. If the audio does not have strong bass, the vibration intensity will be very minimal.

    NOTE: Bass vibration only works with sound that incorporates bass sound.

    NOTE: USB port has charging function ONLY.

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