Flexsteel Furniture Fabrics in Everyday Use

Flexsteel Furniture Fabrics: Built for Life

When choosing upholstery fabric for your furniture you want something that will stand the test of time…and life. That’s why Flexsteel uses only the most durable Adult, Kid and Pet Friendly fabrics on our furniture.

Girl on Sofa

Flexsteel Performance Fabrics for Furniture

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for durability. And you don’t have to sacrifice design. Flexsteel performance fabrics for sofas and chairs come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles to fit every need.

Ketchup Spill

Coffee. Wine. Whatever! Spills clean up easily.

Bright Room

Go ahead. Place that furniture wherever you want. Sun is okay.

Girl with dog on sofa

Pets. Kids. Teenagers that roughhouse. Durable fabrics prevail.

Withstand Whatever Life Throws at You

All fabric is not created equally. Some fabrics are more stain resistant. Others withstand the sun better. That's why we've created this comparison chart to show you the differences. Now you can select the perfect upholstery fabric based on your most important criteria.

Performance Fabrics Chart

Available Flexsteel Performance Fabrics

All fabrics are available to use for upholstery on all Flexsteel frame designs with the exception of Kashmira. Kashmira can only be used on frame designs appropriate for leather.





Customer Raves

“We have a Flexsteel sectional that was purchased about 6 years ago. It still looks exactly the same as the day it came home, despite teenagers and three dogs. My husband just commented on it last night, something about at the end of time cockroaches and the couch will still be here.”


“My husband and I bought a Flexsteel loveseat and sofa in 1983. Seventeen years later, after two dogs and 4 kids, the frame was still in perfect condition and the fabric didn't even look worn.”


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