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Performance Fabric Like No Other

Our most popular performance fabric is hands down, Kashmira®. Kashmira is a suede-like fabric created through years of research and development. Not only is Kashmira soft and beautiful, but it’s the most durable, pet, and kid friendly fabric we’ve found.  It’s so amazing that we refer to it as our wonder fabric! And that’s why it’s exclusive to Flexsteel in the United States.

Stain-Resistant Upholstery Fabric That’s Easy to Clean

The combination of acrylic, nylon, rayon, and cotton in Kashmira give this performance fabric its ability to repel liquids, food spills, and inks.


Liquids bead on the surface

Wine Spill


Food spills clean easily

Danny drops his pizza!


Practically pet and child proof

Kids on the couch


Marker and pen ink wipe away

Whoops I missed the paper!

So Durable, Kashmira Comes with a Five-Year Limited Warranty

Everyone talks about durability, but what really constitutes durability? Fabric durability is determined by a “double rub” count. Essentially, the fabric is rubbed back and forth multiple times to replicate the effects of normal use. Including sitting and standing. 

It’s rubbed until there are signs of significant wear. Three thousand double rubs are considered equal to one year of use. The higher the number of double rubs, the more durable and long-lasting the fabric. Durability is typically coded as HHH, MMM, LLL, and DDD. The chart shows what those codes mean.

Double Rub Scale for Home Use

Heavy Duty


Medium Duty


Light Duty


Delicate Duty


15,000+ Rubs9-15,000 rubs3-9,000 rubs<3,000 rubs
Ideal for pets and kidsFairly durable, good for use in living roomsFabric will only last 1-3 years before showing noticeable signs of wearWears easily
Good for furniture with heavy use Best for furniture not used dailyTypically used for pillows and curtains

Kashmira has a double rub count of 250,000!

That means a longer warranty. Instead of a 1-year warranty that is standard for upholstery performance fabrics, Kashmira comes with a 5-year warranty.

Customer and Dealer Raves

"Our customers like the features and the benefits of the Kashmira fabric — the wearability, the durability, the cleanability. It's very family and pet friendly. It upholsters beautifully. It is to me the best product on the market. I have not come across anything out there that would even touch it."

Debra Blackburn, Blackburn Home Furnishings
Nelsonville, Ohio

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