Purpose Driven

By: Troy Rabbett | February 15, 2019 |

Purpose Driven

By: Troy Rabbett

At Flexsteel, purpose matters, and we’re committed to ensuring we live this out each day at every one of our sites.

How did we uncover our purpose?

Our purpose journey started when we decided to identify the unique qualities of Flexsteel “at its very best”, with key consideration to our associates and our relationship with customers. We started by interviewing associates at all levels across the company, then looked externally at partners and customers. We invited associate participation in workshops to identify key attributes that make Flexsteel uniquely different, attributes that when in play impact our business performance, and reinforce our commitment to one another and our customers.

There were so many volunteers for these sessions we had to add more, gaining even wider participation across the organization! The culmination of this work was an agreement that when we are at our best, we are drawing on our history of success while focusing on a future of relevant and compelling experiences for associates, customers, and consumers. At Flexsteel, our purpose is the shared intent by everyone across the company to improve the lives of those we serve; a reason for doing something, the real “why” behind what we do.

Purpose at Work

Purpose serves as inspiration for external stakeholders and is a decision-making compass for internal ones. When Flexsteel is at our best, we are a family of associates dedicated to serving those who purchase our products. Purpose guides how we interact with associates, customers, and consumers, and shapes how we build and maintain relationships, and providing a closer look at the core value of our brand.

Our Purpose

From our family to yours...we’re committed to creating comfort where your life happens.



Purpose Driven