Flexsteel Celebrated 125 Years in Business!

By: | August 23, 2018 | Products, Craftsmanship

Flexsteel Celebrated 125 Years in Business!


We celebrated with the Built for Life Sweepstakes: a $5,000 furniture giveaway!

In a world where the average business lasts 10 years it’s a major milestone to hit the 125 mark. That’s a lot of history. As we look back on Flexsteel’s history to find the gold nuggets that contributed to our longevity, we’re pretty sure there is one primary reason for our success. We’ll show you what we mean. And then we’ll tell you how we celebrated! First a question…

What do Elvis Presley, Tesla, and E.W. Schlappritzi have in common?

Okay, that’s kind of a trick question. You probably don’t know E.W. Schlappritzi, but to Flexsteel he’s the father of the Blue Spring Steel that sits at the core of our furniture. There was genius in his design—originally intended for European railroad seating—that the founding fathers of Flexsteel had the vision to embrace in the 1930s. Schlappritizi is long gone, but his invention is the reason we exist and continue to thrive in the furniture industry. Think about it. We made it through the Great Depression!

Blue Steel Spring

So, how do Elvis and Tesla fit into the equation?

We don’t like to brag, but it is rumored that Elvis outfitted his home with Flexsteel furniture back in the 50s. And Tesla, well, the company used Flexsteel vehicle seating for its luxury cars. The common thread that joins Elvis, Tesla, and Schlappritzi is that these individuals are trend setters in their respective industries. People with a vision that changed the landscape of life as we know it.

Flexsteel furniture designs have been a part of the American experience since the company’s inception in 1893.

You’ll find it featured on daytime game shows and in major Hollywood movies. If you own Flexsteel furniture, there’s six degrees of separation in there somewhere.

We’ve continued to innovate and evolve with time.

That’s the secret of our success. What we’re trying to say is the one thing that has kept us going is that we haven’t rested on our laurels. And the movers and shakers in our lifetime take notice of our commitment to identifying trends and ensuring excellence in every step we take. We’re now a part of several industries that impact the way all of us live. Home Furnishings. Automotive. Recreational Vehicles. Healthcare. Hospitality. Government and more!

There have been many firsts in our history.

From the incorporation of assembly line manufacturing and expanding our manufacturing plants across the United States in the 40s…to introducing the Flex-O-Lounger® in the 60s…to the recent introduction of our MOD line of furniture and selection of performance fabrics, Flexsteel has kept its focus on the pulse of consumer needs and trends.

We were also the first in the industry to have a woman at our helm as President and CEO, Karel Czanderna. Karel was only the seventh President of the company in 125 years. Her consumer insight and experience in growing world-class brands in other industries paved the way for many more Flexsteel firsts to come.

Bottom line, we have a lot to appreciate and to be thankful for as we look ahead to our future. There are core values that have served us well that we plan to continue fostering. Primarily, our commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, accountability, and leadership that has helped us grow and thrive. And we’ll continue to invest in new infrastructure, like the new manufacturing facility we’re building in Dubuque, Iowa, to ensure we’re using the latest manufacturing technologies, as well as employing American workers.

But the question still remains. How do we celebrate the history and success of 125 years?

Well, we decided the best way to celebrate was to give something back to the loyal customers who want to join us in our journey. We gave away $5,000 in furniture. That’s right. We bought a room up to $5,000 for ONE lucky winner of our Built for Life Sweepstakes. 


Flexsteel Celebrated 125 Years in Business!