All of Flexsteel’s stakeholders have a responsibility to protect our employees and our environment.  The officers of Flexsteel and its subsidiaries will use our role as business and community leaders to set the tone at the top to guide our management teams in their efforts to improve the workplace and the environment we directly impact.

Because we are committed to sustainable business practices, to our people, and to our communities, we will continue to grow and expand the scope of our dedications to the stewardship of our valued resources.

Flexsteel Industries, Inc. is firmly committed to providing a healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible workplace.  Our philosophy is that all incidents are preventable, and we will aggressively manage and control risks to ensure this keystone value.

Globally, we resolve to comply with or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations, as well as our own internal policies to maintain a high degree of ethical and operational standards.

The dependability and strength of our sustainability commitment and our internal systems guide us to make sound management choices and enable us to operate as an industry leader, achieving incident-free performance.

Our Teams are committed to systematically identifying potential hazards and taking the appropriate approach to formulating solutions that prevent, eliminate, or control hazards and exposures that may jeopardize employee safety and/or the environment.  Where expertise is not available within Flexsteel, we will seek the guidance and expertise of external specialists.

We encourage each associate to take ownership of and contribute to the continuous strengthening of Flexsteel’s safety and environmental programs.