• New Town Fabric Reclining Sectional 1410-SECT shown with 57, 72, 19, 23, 59, & 58 pieces in 136-70
  • New Town Fabric Reclining Sectional 1410-SECT shown with 57, 70, 59, 72, 59, 70, & 58 pieces in 136-70
  • New Town Fabric Reclining Sectional 1410-SECT shown with 57, 222, & 58 pieces in 136-70
  • New Town Fabric Reclining Sectional 1410-SECT shown with 57, 70, & 58 pieces in 136-70
New Town Fabric Reclining Sectional 1410-SECT shown with 57, 72, 19, 23, 59, & 58 pieces in 136-70
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Photo features New Town Fabric Reclining Sectional 1410-SECT shown with 57, 72, 19, 23, 59, & 58 pieces in 136-70

New Town

Fabric Reclining Sectional

Casual comfort in an elegant design.

Take a seat flanked by pillow-padded arms adorned with large nailhead trim detailing. Automotive-inspired bucket seats provide sink-in comfort, and smooth reclining mechanisms let you change angles effortlessly from an upright to a fully reclined position. New Town's sectional components can be arranged into multiple configurations to fit your room's needs.

We stand behind what we make.

Our products are built on beliefs and values that evolved through over a century of manufacturing. We construct our furniture with care and precision, and we hold ourselves accountable for every detail.

We believe the end result makes the extra effort worth the many years it lasts.

Product Details
  • Blue Steel Spring units
  • Attached back cushions
  • Attached high-density seat cushions
  • 12 in. wall clearance on gliding pieces
  • Close wall proximity on non-gliding pieces allows you to open and recline in any position with the furniture positioned only six inches from the wall. 
  • Wedge and straight consoles feature two cup holders and a storage compartment. Two USB ports are located in the storage compartment.
  • Safety locks prevent gliding furniture from gliding while reclining.
  • Connecting clips secure sectional pieces together.
  • Removable backs allow for easy lifting and maneuvering through doorways.
  • Only available in shown nailhead trim.
  • Only available in select fabrics.

  • New Town is available in the following pieces. See Fabric and Finish Options for available customization and design details.
    Fabric Armless Chair
    Model 1410-19
    24"W x 40"D x 40"H
    Fabric Large Half Wedge
    Model 1410-222
    34"W x 40"D x 40"H
    Fabric Full Wedge
    Model 1410-23
    47"W x 47"D x 40"H
    Fabric Left-Arm-Facing Recliner
    Model 1410-57
    33"W x 40"D x 40"H
    Fabric Right-Arm-Facing Recliner
    Model 1410-58
    33"W x 40"D x 40"H
    Fabric Armless Recliner
    Model 1410-59
    24"W x 40"D x 40"H
    Fabric Left-Arm-Facing Gliding Reclining Loveseat
    Model 1410-654
    56"W x 40"D x 40"H
    Fabric Right-Arm-Facing Gliding Reclining Loveseat
    Model 1410-664
    56"W x 40"D x 40"H
    Fabric Wedge Console
    Model 1410-70
    23"W x 40"D x 34"H
    Fabric Straight Console
    Model 1410-72
    13"W x 40"D x 40"H
    Can I buy furniture directly from Flexsteel? Why can’t I purchase furniture online?

    We sell Flexsteel home furniture through authorized Flexsteel retailers. Visit Find Flexsteel for information on retailers nearest to you.

    I'd like to locate a particular piece of Flexsteel furniture before I buy it. Can you help?

    Sorry; we cannot access the inventory records of our authorized Flexsteel furniture dealers, but they will be happy to help locate the piece you’re looking for. You can get in touch by visiting Find Flexsteel for information on retailers nearest to you.

    Can I get leather touch-up kits for my Flexsteel leather furniture?

    For any of our Flexsteel leather furniture, leather touch-up kits are available through Uniters North America. To order, please visit shop.unitersna.com or call 1.800.234.8986.

    Upholstered Furniture Limited Warranty Information

    Lifetime Limited Warranty
    Internal structures:
    Wood frames
    Metal bases
    Reclining mechanisms
    Seat cushion foam

    Five-Year Limited Warranty
    Electrical components
    Mechanical components
    Sleeper mechanisms
    Sleeper mattresses

    One-Year Limited Warranty
    Finished wood
    Plastic components
    Metal components
    Battery packs
    Filling materials
    Pillow fiber filling
    Upholstery materials*

    Flexsteel upholstered home furniture limited warranties apply to the original purchaser for the specified periods of time (see above), beginning the date the product is purchased from an authorized Flexsteel retailer in the United States or Canada. Flexsteel products used under normal, indoor residential conditions are warranted against manufacturing and material defects for as long as the product remains in the original upholstery and for as long as parts are available.

    For third-party warranties offered by other companies, contact those companies for further information.

    Flexsteel products are not warranted against wear and tear or damage resulting from neglect, abuse, misuse, rental or commercial use, pets, extreme temperatures, exposure to sunlight, chemical treatments, excessive soiling, accidents, or improper storage, care, or cleaning. Please see the Care & Cleaning Instructions below.

    Flexsteel does not warrant the following:

    • Normal fading, pilling, shading, wrinkling, shrinkage, stretching, wear, and color loss of fabrics and leathers.
    • In-store samples or product designated “as is” at the time of purchase.
    • Minor differences between your furniture and in-store samples, printed materials, and video or internet displays.

    These warranties are valid for products purchased after June 2016.

    The following are not considered defects:

    • Color variations caused by lighting angles and markings displayed on fabrics such as velvets and silks.
    • Leather stretching, oil absorption, patina development, color and grain variations, wrinkles, scratches, healed scars, and other natural markings. Leather is a natural material, and each hide is uniquely enhanced by these characteristics.
    • Slight softening and flattening of seat cushion foam and fibers as a result of normal use and aging Under normal use and conditions, cushions may lose up to one inch of the original height standard of the cushion foam core within the first year of use.
    • Loss of resilience in seat cushion feather filling, loft, or crown. Regularly fluff and rotate cushions to redistribute materials and prevent uneven wear.
    • Softening and flattening of ultra-soft back cushions with blown-in fiber filling as a result of normal use. Occasionally fluff these cushions to keep fibers evenly distributed and prolong softness.

    Your Rights
    This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

    Service Claims
    To request a service claim under these warranties, contact the Flexsteel retailer where you made your purchase or your nearest authorized Flexsteel retailer. To initiate a claim, you will need to provide proof of purchase. If the product is still under warranty, the retailer will make arrangements for repair or replacement. After the first year of the warranty period, the purchaser is responsible for the labor and shipping costs associated with returns and repairs.


    • Use appropriate precautions to prevent young children and pets from playing on sleepers and reclining furniture. Always leave unoccupied reclining furniture in the closed, upright position to protect children and pets.
    • Keep smoldering, smoking objects and open flames a safe distance from polyurethane foam to prevent furniture fires.

    *Specialty brand fabric warranties may vary. Please refer to the warranty tag for each fabric brand for complete warranty details.

    These warranties do not apply to bedroom, dining, home office, or occasional furniture.

    These warranties do not apply to Flexsteel upholstered furniture purchased from an authorized Flexsteel retailer outside the United States or Canada.

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