Our Commitment to Employees

We will respect the dignity of our employees. We have established policies and practices to ensure our employees' right to personal security, and to a safe and clean workplace, free of harassment, discrimination and violence. We will deal fairly and honestly with our employees regarding wages, benefits and other conditions of employment. We will provide for equal employment opportunity for employees and applications for employment. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations wherever we conduct business.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Environmental Policy Statement has been signed by all officers of Flexsteel. The policy states: "All of Flexsteel's stakeholders have a responsibility to protect our environment. The officers of Flexsteel and its subsidiaries will use our role as business and community leaders to set the tone at the top to guide our management team in their efforts to improve the environment we directly impact.

We will identify our environmental footprint and reduce our impact by implementing a wide variety of initiatives. Because we are committed to sustainable business practices, and to our environment, this initiative will grow into core values dedicated to the stewardship of resources."

Our Suppliers

We will seek out suppliers who share our commitment to respect cultural values, the environment and community needs. Our Supplier Code of Conduct requires that our suppliers conduct business in compliance with local laws and applicable U.S. legislation as it relates to imported and domestic products with regards to customs, consumer product safety, environment, social responsibility, fairness and human decency. We are committed to protecting the working rights and safety of the people who produce products for us. We prohibit illegal child labor, trafficking in persons, prison labor, slave, involuntary, indenture, forced and bonded labor, physical or psychological abuse of workers, harassment, corruption, bribery, and unfair business practices. We will provide training to our employees who are directly responsible for our supply chain management to identify and report potential infractions related to our Supplier Code of Conduct to our management team for evaluation.

We expect our suppliers to maintain compliance programs and demonstrate a satisfactory record of compliance with the code. At any time, with or without advance notice, we may review or conduct a third party audit of any or all facilities and business practices in order to monitor a supplier's commitment to the code.

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Flexsteel Industries, Inc. is SB 657 Compliant.

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