history1950-1959 Solid growth continued expansion. The company is re-named after the famous spring. To better serve the Eastern United States, Flexsteel built a plant in Pennsylvania. That plant, currently 216,000 sq. ft., is one of the top producers of fine upholstered furniture in the East. In 1958, the Harrison, Arkansas plant was developed as a central source for frames. That same year, the  company was renamed Flexsteel Industries, Inc., after its famous spring.

High fashion and more. During the 1960s, contemporaryhistory1960-1969 furniture became immensely popular. Flexsteel was a style innovator and met the demands of fashionable consumers everywhere with dynamic styles and vibrant colors. In 1965, Flexsteel led the industry once again by establishing the Brunswick Converting Division to produce printed nylon fabrics known as Fantasia® and Astrolon®. Called "the star of space-age fabrics," Astrolon was furniture's most durable fabric. Late in the decade, Flexsteel began making the popular Flex-O-Lounger® mechanism and recliners and gearing up to manufacturer seats for recreationalvehicle seating for Winnebago Industries. The latter resulted in the creation of the Vehicle Seating Division. In 1969, Flexsteel stock was publicly traded for the first time.

     history1970-1979                                      New product and new processes. The vehicle seating division continued to grow during the 1970 by developing patented sofa sleepers: the Instant Bed, Magic Bed®, and Presto Sofa Sleeper. By the end of this decade, Flexsteel was furnishing the entire seating and sleeping package for General Motor's popular motor homes.1970 also marked Flexsteel's entry in the exposed wood chair business. A plant in Tennessee was developed to produce the fashionable with the Charisma® chairs.

Quality counts, customer buys. Flexsteel introduced adjustable lumbar supporthistory1980-1989 on the popular Flexsteel recliner. In 1985, Flexsteel's Ergo Touch adjustable  lumbar support system won an endorsement from the International Chiropractors Association. Additionally, motional modular groups were introduced to many consumer fanfares and the first Flexsteel Gallery store-within-a-store was established. The Commercial Seating Division was launched in 1984, serving the healthcare, hospitality, institutional markets.

history1990-1999100 years old and still growing. Flexsteel celebrated its centennial in 1993 with a commemorative, premium-quality collection, Centennial Royale. During the early part of the decade, Flexsteel began to sell its lines around the world. Introduced in 1996 was a fresh new concept in furniture retail display. The Flexsteel Comfort Gallery program now showcases Flexsteel upholstered furniture within independent dealer showrooms across the country.

With the start of the new century, Flexsteel took its vehicle seating business to the high seas. We took the best of the best and incorporated it into unique designs for luxury marine sitting and sleeping. From 2001-2007, Flexsteel teamed up with emmy-award winning host and designer,history2000-today Christopher Lowell  to create the Christopher Lowell Home Collection. In 2003, Flexsteel purchased DMI Furniture, Inc., a design, manufacturing and marketing company offering residential bedroom and dining room furniture as well as commercial office furniture. From 2004-2010, Flexsteel teamed up with Wrangler to produce the Wrangler Home Collection, a comfortable, relaxed collection designed to fit real life. Today, Flexsteel values fresh ideas and new technology. That's one reason why Flexsteel is the most successful diversified seating company in the country, manufacturing seats for every use: residential, commercial, and vehicle. From one small factory in Minneapolis to a nationwide five-plant network, Flexsteel is truly an American success story. This is a company with a proud history and a brilliant future


America's Success Story

 More than a century of vision, leadership and upholstered furniture.